Quests guide.

Quest Wisdom and courage:

First go to haunted valey.They go to the haunted mansion in haunted valley.when u enter there will be a mirror on the right hand it .then you will be teleported to onother mirror world.Then u will meet Shakespear.He will tell u that he has lost his book.He left his book  last in weird brew.when u enter weird brew,u will see a room on the floor that says cider cellar.When u click to enter u will be asked a question the answer is SPELLING.then u will enter cidder cellar.over there u will see 3 doors.At the third door is shake spear’s book.To get there you will have to go through all the doors when u enter door 1 u will be asked a SENTENCE to remember.then when u go to door 2 u will have to tell the sentence u remebered, and the same thing with room 2 remember U WILL HAVE TO REMEMBER ANOTHER SENTENCE another sentence and go to room 3 and once u tell the sentence  you will get shakespears book.Then give it to shakespear and go to the mirror again and click it and u will be out to the normal world.THEN QUEST COMPLETE.


Quest the Tum Tum:

At the beginning of the quest you will be at your home. Before u start there will be a map on the floor pick it up. Then go to enchanted woods and go to the tea house. When u are there after the conversation pick up the bottle on the floor which tells drink me. Then exit the tea house and u will be back in enchanted woods. Remember u will have to go through a moles hole. You will see 3 moles homes. But go to the one on the left hand corner .then after clicking the mole and after the conversation. Take the potion from the inventory and drink it. Then u will be small. Then click the mole and u will be in an underground world. Then click the map in your inventory and follow it out of the underground world .REMEMBER TO GO TO EVERY ROOM BECAUSE U WILL NEED 2 A RED BERRY Pies. after u are out u will see a cat and a bird and some worms on the floor, pick up the worms .then the bird and cat will begun to run. Follow them until u come to a stop. Then take the pie and give it to the cat. Then he will guide u to the bird. At the end the bird will be on a tree. Then give the cat one more pie and he will tell u to get the bird out of the tree. Then put the worms on the floor. Then the bird will fly away and u will have a conversation with the tree. Then u will be brought back home and then QUEST COMPLETE.

Guys the quest guide will come up soon.but i dont have the guide for the quest cordelia  the telescope and the naulitus so i any of u know it plss post the instructions on a comment.Who ever will give the quest guide will get 5000 shrills.


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